Sports massage in Athy

Louise is a Sports massage therapist and a mother of three wonderful children.   Louise studied for a year in institute of beauty and holistic therapies in Newbridge, which she loved, but at the same time Louise felt that wanted a more sporty background so she started study in IMST and got her level 4 certificate.  

I had wonderful time interviewing Louise, she is such a light hearted and fun person.  You can follow her on facebook Louise Thorne.


- You have a really interesting background.  Tell us a little bit about how you got to where you are today, including how you chose to become a massage therapist.

I was a health and safety officer, but I didn't liked it and felt sick all the time.  I did not want to be a stressed mother all the time so I was looking for a change in my life.  I came across an article on the internet all about being a massage therapist, so I studied hard and found that it was sports massage that was what really got me interested, so I started study sports therapy as a profession.


- Tell us a little bit about your practice.  Where is your office, what approaches do you use, and do you specialize in working with any specific conditions?

I work from Healthy Living.  I work with all injuries and all age groups and it’s open for everybody, not only sports people.   As massage therapist I deal with muscles, tendons and ligaments, we do not deal with skeletal systems, but I carry out postural analysis, to see which muscles are causing problems to the posture and ranges of movement for each joint.


- Who are some of the people who have inspired you in your massage therapy career?

My college lecturers were a great inspiration to me.  Tracey O'Donoghue was my college lecturer and is good friend of mine, she also practice is in ayurvedic medicine and alternative medicine.  She still is a great supporter and my go to therapist for advice.


- From your perspective, what is the toughest challenge for massage therapy, as a profession, in the Ireland today?

The toughest challenge I would find today is to find balance between family and work. As a second challenge is to be positive all the time and allow proper time for each individual. I am blessed to have great people around me who keep me motivated and inspired especially my family.


- What is something you’d like more people to know about you?

I have a great passion for caring about massage, it gives me great pleasure to help people in pain or with limited movement.


- What hobbies do you have? Do you see a connection between those activities and your work as a massage therapist?

Oh I have few hobbies and interests.  I like running, swimming and cycling.  Now I joined Triathlon club.  I do practice 6 time a week and totally love it, can't wait for May TriAthy competition.  As for connection, it is very strong between triathlon and my work. Any time my team members needs support or is injured I am at hand to give home care advice and it's great practice for me.


- If there was one pearl of wisdom you could give a new client coming to therapy, what would you say?

When you are coming to a massage therapist try to relax, because the more relaxed you are the better the benefits you will receive and the more effective deep tissue massage is on the muscle tissue. Just come and enjoy.


- What do you think are the benefits of massage treatment for the client?

Better circulation and distribution of oxygenated blood to the muscle tissues, which results in increased performance. Massage is great for migraine and insomnia, pains and strains, anxiety, relieves stress and enhances immune function, improves digestive disorders, fibromyalgia and faster recovery from injuries.


- What do you think are the barriers that stand in people’s way to approaching therapy for the first time? Encourage them to come.

Some people feel embarrassed about their bodies, but to be honest I never met anybody who is 100% satisfied with their body.  Others think that their pain will disappear in couple of days and don't address the underlying issue; the injury then reoccurs and usually worsens the injury. Don't underestimate your issues or pains and strains, it is good practice to receive deep tissue massage at least once a month.


- How different you are from other massage therapist?

As a treat for my clients at the end of the massage treatment I carry out an Indian head massage to relax body and mind.


- What's the most enjoyable or rewarding part of being a therapist?

I think I'm blessed that I have chance to reduce the level of peoples pain. I love meeting new clients. I see major changes in my regular clients and I can see the positive change in their lives.  It inspires me greatly.


- If you weren’t a therapist, what would you do?

I cannot imagine my life not being a therapist, I simply love it.

You can book a treatment with Louise by calling 086 0528000