April Sale: Mineral of The Month: Magnesium

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MAG365 - Passion fruit - HealthyLiving.ie

MAG365 Magnesium Supplement - Passion Fruit

From €18,00 EUR
This is the premier when it comes to Magnesium, it uses a magnesium citrate that ionizes when you add hot water to the powder. As you add the hot water...
MAG365 - BF - HealthyLiving.ie

MAG365 - BF (the pink one)

€24,95 EUR
This is the premier product when it comes to a multi mineral formula. It is worth noting, that this formula does NOT contain calcium.  it uses a magnesium citrate that...
MAG365 - Plus Calcium - HealthyLiving.ie

MAG365 - Plus Calcium

€28,95 EUR
Mag365 Bone Formula Plus Calcium is a premium quality supplement that may help to maintain a healthy level of calcium and magnesium in the body. This supplement provides high quality...