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Great multivitamin

Have been using this for years, love it

Very good.

This really helped my throat and I would definitely purchase again.

Ashwaganda is great

Love this, I find it great

Optimum Nutrition protein powder

Great source of protein, love the flavor.

I have found that it has a great anti inflammatory effect throughout the body, particularly in the gut.

Clearspring Yaemon Tamari Soya Sauce 500ml
Soya Sauce Review

I love soya sauce very tasty

Chicory Root Syrup Review

I found this product so excellent, it is a great alternative to honey if you’re looking for an alternative to honey etc. It has a mild and subtle sweet flavour and delicious in smoothies or herbal teas :)

Vegan omega

As someone who's allergic to fish, its great to have a good source of omega 3

Comfort in cup

Wonderful blend from Yogi Tea! I have it with a dash of oat milk and a bit; f honey. Really soothing for digestion and very comforting.

Taka turmeric

Great for me to help reduce inflammation

My favourite porridge

Tastes amazing. Also, great providence, it's grown and milled on the same farm.

Satya Nag Champa Incense Sticks
Nag Champa

These incense have been a family and friend favourite for decades now. So glad they are easily available!


Amazing product!

Earl grey

I love this earl grey tea. Lovely flavour.

My favourite box of tea

I love the mixed box. Lots of variety


Great for stress, helpful for sleep too

Lions mane

Great for the nervous system. I prefer the capsules to the powder

Qi Green Tea 25bags
Green tea

This is my favourite green tea.

Great service, fast delivery

Very happy with my purchases from
Has a great range in stock and found it to be great value! Definitely will be shopping with them again!

Terra Nova Living Multi Nutrient Complex Veg Caps

Power Health Inulin Powder 250g
Frances O'Connor
Inulin Powder

An excellent product that I will purchase again. Inulin is very important in our digestive systems

Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend Capsules

This supplement helped me with heart irregular beats. Lowers blood pressure too.

This supplement helped me with irregular heart beats. Lowers blood pressure too. Taking two capsules at the time also PrizMag few hours after. Reduced sugar, salt and removed caffeine from my diet. I am a new man! Hope it helps someone.

Burt's Bees Beeswax Bounty - Fruit Mix Lip Balms
Kamila Schram Bankowska
Such good lip balm !

This lip balm is so refreshing and smells amazing !! makes your lips healthy and soft.

Love it

This is the second one of these I have bought, I really like it