Am I Stressed??

There is a show on telly called modern life is goodish.

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Well I'd say modern life is stressful.


Whether you're working 9 to 5, looking after the kids, or running a small business modern life can take its toll. As the owner of a small health food shop, lots of stressed people call to the shop looking for solutions every day.

We will often talk to them trying to find the source of their stress.

When you can identify the source, you can start to figure ways of tackling it.

More obvious ways to tackle stress are things like exercise eg. jogging, walking, swimming, yoga.

Spending a few minutes every day trying to switch the mind off form of meditation can be so helpful.

Talk therapy like counselling, or psychotherapy can be a fantastic way of getting things off your chest. It's great to be able to tell a complete stranger what's on your mind.


There are many vitamins and herbs that can help with stress, but remember to talk to your doctor if you're on any medication before taking supplements.

A simple herbal remedy called passiflora works really well to help you destress.

B vitamins are renowned for helping with stress levels.

There is an extract from green tea called l-theanine which is very calming.

One of our favourite remedies in our shop for stress would be Melissa Dream. It is a great de-stressor which can be used during the day for stress, or to help with sleep at night. 

Call into your local health food shop to find something to make modern life a bit more goodish.