A painful step forward

"Ouch - I've got gout"


Unsightly swelling, sharp stabbing darts and you’ll probably have a limp too. 

Gout is a very painful form of the arthritis. The pain involved with this condition can be so unbearable for those people who have it. Yet, unless you have it, you probably don’t know much about it.


Gout is caused from a build-up of the uric acid in your blood as a result from the breakdown of waste compounds dissolved in the blood via the kidneys. Gout attacks happen because of the failure of the kidneys to remove the uric acid fast enough, and as a result there is crystallizing and build-up of this uric acid in your joints.


Common symptoms are sudden pain, heat, tenderness, and redness in the joint. This disease is a chronic disease which tends to come and go. We have had great success in store with things like Cherry Juice, Turmeric Capsules or Celery Seed Complex. Staying away from alcohol, acid foods and sugar will help the condition. A nice remedy for Gout can be found below.


1 pineapple
1 cup of cherry juice
1 to 2 teaspoons of turmeric in powder
Blender and food processor 
2 to 3 teaspoons of powdered ginger or 1 inch ginger root
Glass container with lid

Cut the pineapple’s skin and remove the stem. If you like, you can use the stem, because the stem contains bromelain in it, but you can use just the fruit too. Then, slice the fruit into chunks, and put the chunks into blender. Blend the pineapple until it is mashed up, and then add the cup of cherry juice, and sprinkle the teaspoons of turmeric and ginger.


Store this mixture in a glass container, and close it well. Put the container in the refrigerator and allow the mixture to tighten up for about 10 days.

This tonic can keep for up to 1 month in the fridge. You should consume this mixture daily.