Should you take food supplements?

“What is a food supplement I hear you say?”

The answer is “A vitamin or mineral to give sustenance in addition to a healthy diet.”

You can get them in your local Health Store, online, sometimes in your pharmacy (or if you want cheap and cheerful) even in your supermarket.

But just because they are widely available, is that a reason to take vitamins?

With that in mind there are two reasons you would take food supplements.

  1. If you lack a particular vitamin or mineral.

  2. To help with a particular ailment.

So how do you know if you lack a particular food supplement? Well, you go to the doctor and get your bloods done. Doctors will test you for B vitamins, iron, vitamin D and more. If there's a specific vitamin you are worried about ask the doctor before you go in for the test, they might be able to get a test for it even if its not one they normally test for.

Helping with a particular ailment – you might take vitamin C to help get over a cough or cold. You might take magnesium if you find you are cramping alot at night time. You may well take a multi mineral supplement for prevention of osteoporosis. And so it goes, on and on.

But the answer to our question is actually NO. If your bloods are good, you have no health issues and you eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, there is no reason to take a food supplement.