Pharmanord D Pearls 75ug | 3000iu | 80caps -

Pharmanord Vitamin D Pearls 75ug | 3000iu | 80 caps

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Reliable Vitamin D - Tried and Tested Since 2007

Nationwide delivery in 1 - 2 Days

  • 80 capsules per pack - 80 day supply
  • Dissolved in cold-pressed olive oil to boost digestion
  • High rate of absorption according to research
  • Boost for immunity, teeth, muscles and bones
  • Supplement only - must be part of healthy and varied diet
  • Chewable and easily swallowed
  • Documented bioavailability

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Pharmanord D Pearls 75ug | 3000iu | 80caps

As vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, a strong version of D-Pearls with 75 g (3000 IU) of vitamin D3 in cold-pressed olive oil ensures optimal absorption.

Did you know BioActive D-Pearls 75ug is equal to 3000iu.

Vitamin D is known to help with immunity, muscles, teeth, and bones and encourages regular cell division.  Pharmanord Vitamin D is produced under Danish pharmaceutical standards. 


How to take Pharmanord Vitamin D

Directions: Take 1 capsule each day, or as directed by a doctor. to be consumed along with food and water.

Never exceed the stated amount.

Women who are pregnant, nursing and  anyone taking medication should consult a doctor before using supplements.


Supplemental nutrition should not be utilized in place of a varied diet and an active lifestyle.

What is Vitamin D made from?


Bulking agent: Olive oil

Capsule shell: Gelatine

Humectant: Glycerol, purified water

Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)

Colour: Cocoa Powder


Storage: Maintain at room temperature away from direct sunlight. Keep out of children's reach.


Little, soft gelatin capsules called Bio-Vitamin D3 (D-Pearls) provide 3000 IU (75 g) of vitamin D3 apiece. As vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, it is dissolved in cold-pressed olive oil to enhance digestion and absorption. They can be chewed, but their size makes swallowing them simple. D-Pearls have a high rate of absorption in the body, according to research.



Every batch, or new production of D-Pearls, is control analyzed, so you can be confident that each capsule contains the amount of vitamin D stated on the packet.


The stiffness of the tiny gelatin capsules might naturally vary depending onSafety

You can be absolutely sure that each capsule contains the amount of vitamin D indicated on the preparation, as each and every batch, ie. each new production of D-Pearls is control analyzed.


The small gelatin capsules can naturally vary in their firmness in step with fluctuations in air temperature and humidity. It has absolutely no bearing on the quality and effect of the capsules as we have tested this in our climate cabinets.


Reliable Vitamin D

D-Pearls has been on the European market since 2007 - it has been tried and tested.

Documented bioavailability

Graph showing good bioavailability of D-pearls


D-Pearls have been tested by researchers at the University of Oslo who gave athletes different doses of vitamin D in the form of D-Pearls and inactive placebo capsules. The test showed that D-Pearls both in high and low dosage was absorbed well by the participants while the athletes who received placebo, had unchanged vitamin D in the blood.


The illustration shows the difference in vitamin D in the blood during 4 weeks in the group receiving 76 mcg of vitamin D daily and in the group receiving placebo capsules.

Because vitamin D is fat soluable, for the vitamin to be absorbed in the intestine, some fat is required. The same as other vitamins, vitamin D is necessary. Although there are various varieties of vitamin D, D2 (ergocalciferol) and D3 are the two most significant types (cholecalciferol). When we are exposed to enough sunshine or another type of UV radiation, the skin begins to manufacture vitamin D3 in the form of D3. Sunlight is a good source of vitamin D, but it only produces it when the sun is high in the sky. As this only occurs in huge portions of Europe throughout the summer, this is the only time of year when we can manufacture enough of the vitamin.

There are many crucial roles for vitamin D in the body. for example:

  • Vitamin D is essential for healthy cell division
  • Contributing to the absorption and uptake of calcium in the body 
  • Maintaining healthy bones and teeth
  • Playing a part in the body's immune system and muscle function