Dr. Hauschka's Best Product

The Rose Day Cream is both soothing and gentle, just like the roses it's made from. It nourishes and protects normal, dry and sensitive skin. 

We stock many brands of skincare at Healthy Living, Hauschka tops them all for sure!

It's the purity and simplicity that makes Hauschka products superior in quality. Only the most natural ingredients are used, they're not tested on animals, and

biodynamic cultivation methods are used to grow them.

The brand was founded in 1948 by Dr. med. Trudy Hauschka and her husband, pharmacologist Dr. Rudolf Hauschka, who also invented many of the products himself

using his knowledge of medicinal plants and natural materials from all over the world.

This particular product is the Rose Day Cream, and it's one that has been a regular in my skincare routine every morning.

It is a great source of Vitamin C and when applied to your face, it is incredibly moisturizing and soothing.

It acts to refine your skin, even out your skin tone, and diminish the look of fine lines. The ingredients are certified organic without being tested on animals.

I have been using this cream for about 3 months now and I will continue to use it! Dr. Hauschka's bestseller and for good reason.

This day cream is extremely easy to use, creamy and applies smoothly onto the skin. It does not leave a greasy residue on the skin at all even though I do have dry skin

it's also good for sensitive, reddened and mature skin.

For the evening time, you can use Night Serum as a non-oily night time skin care product. For mature skin, we also recommend using Dr. Hauschka regenerating care