3 Things to Maximise Your Fertility Naturally

Like a lot of things in life, the answer is usually right in front of you. But if it’s a case of not being able to see the forest for the trees, what can you do?

You might be thinking about starting a family and wondering how to give your body the help it needs naturally. Here are three simple and straightforward tips to get you started. 

Reduce stress.  We are the proud owners of two stress hormones; adrenaline and cortisol.  Of the two, cortisol has the biggest effect on fertility. It doesn’t help that everywhere we go, regardless of what we do, our senses are constantly stimulated by sights, sounds and smells.  Our brains are always working, filtering and processing.  Very few of us are far from a laptop, a mobile phone or some other wonderful modern technological device.  And they are wonderful.  But they have their place.  Aim for a certain amount of screen free time each day.

Solution  Try acupuncture.  One benefit is its ability to calm down a stressed body by releasing those feel good hormones we hear so much about which can have a very healing effect on someone who is under a lot of pressure.

Live well.  We live in a fast, intense world of keeping up with the Jones’s.  Everyone can admit to burning the candle at both ends on occasion.  Sometimes we just have to back up a little and recharge our batteries.  It is neither healthy nor productive to push ourselves all the time. 

Solution  Make healthy lifestyle changes.This doesn’t have to be difficult.  Even little steps make a big difference. Healthy eating can be achieved by planning meals in advance.  We all know the benefits of reducing caffeine and alcohol intake.  If you are a smoker, your GP can help you to quit.  Exercise is important for a healthy mind and body.Get plenty of sleep.  Keep your body hydrated.

Get jiggy with it!  That caught your attention!  It sounds like an obvious one but in this case it seems practice definitely makes perfect!  It also helps to keep those pesky cortisol stress hormones at bay!

Solution  I’m not going to draw pictures but if you’re going to do it, do it right!   Become familiar with your cycle and find out your most fertile time by keeping a diary for at least three cycles.  All that’s left is making use of that window!

It’s a two way street.  It’s important that partners look after themselves too; after all, it takes two to tango.  Everyone can reap the benefits of making a few, simple lifestyle changes.

It goes without saying that whatever you are embarking upon in your life and if you are experiencing stress, a visit to your GP should be considered.  Sometimes there is only so much we can do ourselves before it is necessary to call in the troops.

Also be aware that it can take four months for dietary and lifestyle changes to have an effect.