It's All In The Mind

You know the type! Those people who jump out of the bed in the morning, full of energy taking on another task filled day. There always going on about how much they got done and what their plans for the next day are. What's their secret?

Have you ever focused on your attitude? When you have a good attitude everything seems possible. William James of Harvard said "Human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of minds". It sounds simple so how do we improve our attitude? 

Have an attitude of gratitude -  this is your first action:

Write out 10 things you are grateful for, then write the reason you are grateful for them.

So why be grateful? What you focus on you get more of. Did you ever think you'd like a new car? Then you decide I'm going to get "X" type of car. All of a sudden everywhere you look you see "X" type of car. Gratitude works the same way. Start your day saying thank you for the things you have and you'll see more things to be grateful for. It seems too simple to work. Sometimes the simple things work the best. 

Second action:

Set yourself a Goal. Something you can reach in a few weeks.
When you have a goal to focus on all your problems and issues fall away. The goal becomes all important. Be goal focused. This goal is something you can put all your attention on. Guess what happens then? You don't have time to think of those annoying negative things that are also happening in your life. Remember that you get what you focus on. So focus on that goal you have set for the next few weeks. 
Set the alarm on your phone for every couple of hours to remind you to visualise and FEEL your goal achieved already. What does it feel like to have achieved your goal. The more you get into that feeling the quicker your goal will be achieved.

So that's it, two simple things that will radically change your life for the better. 

Summary of todays work:
Write out 10 things you are grateful for
Set yourself a Goal - Visualising/feeling it achieved already.