Propolis | An Elixir

This magic remedy which has been given to us from the bees has been used for thousands of years. The Greeks called it “Bee Glue” and used it extensively in their medicines.

Egyptians embalmed their dead using propolis (along with other ingredients) and used it for soothing and healing on the living too.

Romans marched to war with propolis which helped to heal their wounds and they used to make a tonic from propolis (as we do today). Roman women used propolis extensively on their faces and bodies. Propolis was known as “a woman’s friend”

Over 400 years ago propolis is listed as an official drug in the London Pharmacopoeias.

Russian Penicillin was used in WW1 and WW2 by the Russian army to prevent infection and increase the speed of healing. speed healing. It was nicknamed “Russian Penicillin”.

A Danish biologist called Dr. Karl Lund Aagaard was nicknamed “Dr. Propolis” for his studies on over 50,000 Scandinavian patients which proved the effectiveness of propolis in treatment - with almost no side effects.

Since the 2000’s – and modern medicines lack of openness to exploring natural remedies, propolis has taken a back seat. But you will find some amazing Propolis products in your local Health Store. Check out Comvita Propolis Elixir or A Vogel Propolis Lip Balm as two Propolis products we stock at Healthy Living.