Some Simple Remedies For Kids

Whether your child has a tummy ache, a stuffy nose, or a bug bite, sometimes a home remedy is often the best way to help him feel better fast. These time-tested treatments rarely have side effects, cost next to nothing, and use items you probably already have on hand.

Honey and Lemon Juice for a Sore Throat

Lemon dries up congestion and honey provides a soothing coating, says Lane Johnson, MD, associate professor of clinical family and community medicine at the University of Arizona College of Medicine. In fact, a recent study found that a spoonful of honey eased kids' coughs even better than cough medicine. Mix together a tablespoon of each, heat for 20 seconds until warm (not hot), and have your child swallow the mixture a teaspoon at a time.
Caution: Honey is not safe for babies under 1 year.

Chamomile Tea for Colic

Peter Rabbit's mother fed him soothing chamomile tea in Beatrix Potter's classic tale, and you can give it to your infant to relax her intestinal muscles and calm her down, says Dr. McClafferty, a paediatrician in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Steep tea for four to five minutes, let it cool to room temperature, and then put one to two ounces in a bottle. Don't give your baby more than four ounces a day so that she'll be sure to have plenty of room in her tummy for breast milk or formula.

Help with digestion

A kid’s digestive system plays a very important role; it assimilates nutrients from food and delivers those nutrients to the body. A period of illness or taking antibiotics can really upset the gut flora. In order for a child to get the most energy and to ensure good health, it is important to look after their digestive system. Probiotics are a great way to get the digestive system working correctly. Taking a course of Child specific probiotics like Udo’s choice infant blend, which is suitable from birth up to five years of age.

These are just a couple natural remedies suitable for kids. Lots more to follow, so watch this space.