5 Snacks for After a Workout

Snacks For Workouts

5 Snacks for After a Workout

You may work out in the morning or evening but it’s often the case you need to eat something before or after a workout. A snack before you work out helps give you energy and stamina to go the distance.

But did you know that eating a snack after you work out is even more important?
Snacking post workout, a bit like stretching, is often ignored. You want to make sure you feed your body to help repair muscle tissues. So here are a few ideas to get you snacking.

Protein Shake with Banana

After a workout, you want ample protein combined with a carbohydrate. A protein shake made from whey protein, water, and half a banana is a great choice, since your body quickly turns it into energy.

2 scoops of whey protein powder combined with water and 1/2 banana, 250 calories

Workout Treats

Peanut Butter & Banana on Rice Cakes

If you're craving something more substantial after a workout, a healthy peanut butter and banana sandwich will fit the bill. Instead of bread, smooth your peanut butter onto two brown rice cakes for extra fibre. And while you may usually avoid bananas because they're too full of sugar, eating one after a workout is just fine.

1/2 banana, 1 tbsp. peanut butter, and 2 brown rice cakes, 215 calories

Hummus and Pita Bread

Another combination of carbohydrates and protein, hummus and whole wheat pita make a great snack. Hummus, a dip made from pureed chickpeas, gives you both carbohydrates and protein. Coupled with the slow-release energy from the whole wheat pita, it makes for a snack that'll keep you fuelled for hours.

1/4 cup hummus with 1 whole wheat pita, 275 calories

Yogurt and Fresh Berries

Protein makes sense after a workout, since it contains amino acids that help build muscle. Your muscles are depleted of amino acids after a workout, so you need an adequate supply of protein to help build them up. Low-fat yogurt can pack nearly 15 grams of protein put in some berries for flavour and to give that carbohydrate kick.

100grams of plain low-fat yogurt with 1/2 cup berries 180 calories

Some Healthy Treats

Tuna on Whole Wheat

What could be more filling after a workout than half a sandwich? And when you choose its filling wisely, you'll be building muscle while you eat, too! Tuna drizzled with a little lemon juice and olive oil spread over a slice of whole wheat bread is an ideal combination protein/carbohydrate mini-meal.

A quarter tin of tuna and 1 slice whole wheat bread, 220 calories

So now you have all the snacks to have after the workout. All you have to do now is get out there and do the workout. That’s the easy part. Right?