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Pharmanord D Pearls 75ug | 3000iu | 80caps -

Pharmanord Vitamin D Pearls 75ug | 3000iu | 80 caps

€21,00 EUR
Pharmanord D Pearls 75ug | 3000iu | 80caps As vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, a strong version of D-Pearls with 75 g (3000 IU) of vitamin D3 in cold-pressed...
Pharmanord Selenium & Zinc Tablets - Healthy Living
60 tablets150 tablet

Pharmanord Selenium & Zinc Tablets

From €13,50 EUR
Selenium plus Zinc is an antioxidant complex.  It contains pure, organic selenium and zinc plus vitamins C and E. All of them have properties that contribute to the protection of...
Pharmanord Chromium -

Pharmanord Chromium

€17,50 EUR
Chromium is an essential mineral that is needed to our body. It contributes to normal metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins. Chromium supports in maintaining normal blood sugar levels as...
Pharmanord Q10 30mg Capsules -

Pharmanord Q10 100mg Capsules

€34,95 EUR
    CoQ10 is a vitamin-like substance, which help support your heart, kidney, liver and lungs. Q10 is formed in the cells of the body, in the part called the...
Pharmanord Q10 100mg Capsules -

Pharmanord Q10 100mg Capsules

From €26,95 EUR
Q10 (CoQ10) from Pharma Nord was one of the first CoQ10 products on the market. Coenzyme Q10 levels decrease with age and/or illness. Benefits: 20 years of consumer experience on...
Pharmanord TanCare -

Pharmanord TanCare

€22,95 EUR
According to Pharma Nord, TanCare contains a big dose of pure beta-carotene. This supplement is manufactured in a way where betacarotene is mixed into an oil matrix that keeps it...
Pharmanord Jointcare Tablets -

Pharmanord Jointcare Tablets

€21,95 EUR
Healthy joints and cartilage plays important role in our lives, the better their function, the easier it is for us to stay physically active and enjoy the different activities. Having...
Pharmanord Omega 3 Capsules -

Pharmanord Omega 3 Capsules

€15,50 EUR
Omega 3 is a good for heart, brain, and eyesight support. Benefits: EPA and DHA have several positive benefits. For instance, a 200 mg per day intake of DHA contributes...
Pharmanord Multivit Tablets -

Pharmanord Multivit Tablets

€21,95 EUR
A broad-spectrum, high-quality nutritional supplement that contains 12 primary vitamins and 6 minerals, including the patented selenium preparation SelenoPrecise® and other important antioxidants. This Multivitamin is different from other multivitamins...
Pharmanord D Pearls Junior -

Pharmanord D Pearls Junior

€8,95 EUR
Vitamin D is very important for normal growth and development of bones, teeth and muscle in children. Normally we get vitamin D from sunlight and it is an effective vitamin...
Pharmanord D Pearls 38 -

Pharmanord D Pearls 38

€14,95 EUR
Vitamin D3 in cold pressed olive oil for teeth, bones and muscles in form of small pearls with 38 µg (1520 IU). Benefits: Ensures good bioavailability as vitamin D is...