Cooking & Baking Staples

    Almond Flour


    Almond flour is made from blanched (peeled) almonds. Low carb, high protein flour. Suitable for paleo diets. Nutrition values per 100gEnergy 612kcal / 2560kJFat 56g  of which saturates 4.7gCarbohydrate  of which...

    Organic Brown Linseed (Flaxseed)


    Nutrition values per 100gEnergy 529kcal / 2182kJFat 43g  of which saturates 4.5gCarbohydrate 1.6g  of which sugars 1.6gProtein 20gSalt 0.04gFibre 28g

    Organic Dates


    Nutrition values per 100gEnergy 301kcal / 1278kJFat 0.5g  of which saturates 0.2gCarbohydrate 72g  of which sugars 68gProtein 2.1gSalt <0.01gFibre 8.1g

    Dove's Farm Spelt Wholemeal Flour


    The delicious, wheaty, nutty flavour of this stoneground ancient grain flour works well in all baking. Ingredients: spelt wheat* Allergy advice: for allergens, including cereals containing gluten, see ingredients in bold. May...

    Sonnentor Organic Ground Turmeric 40g


    Turmeric is the spicy star in the superfood heaven, yet down to earth. The golden yellow tuber convinces with its inner values! Its colour brightens up every dish. Especially curry,...

    Sonnentor Organic Yellow Whole Mustard Seeds 120g


    Preserves galore! Pickles, gherkins and chutney are all blown away by the yellow grains. Soups and marinades also like to invite mustard in. Even in the Middle Ages people enjoyed...

    Sonnentor Organic Ground Celyon Cinnamon 40g


    Do you like waffles? Very good, because that's where cinnamon should go. And while you're at it, reach for the cinnamon stars and devour a cinnamon bun. Sweet! Did you...

    Organic Golden Linseed (Flaxseed)


    Nutrition values per 100gEnergy 494kcal / 2042kJFat 36.5 g  of which saturates 3.6gCarbohydrate 7.7g  of which sugars 1.2gProtein 22.3gSalt <0.03gFibre 22.7g

    Organic Polenta


    Organic polenta is made from ground corn. It has a bright yellow colour and a slightly sweet taste. Especially popular in Italian cuisine, it's gluten-free and can be used for...


    €7,05 – €13,35

    Extracted from hardwood trees.

    Ground Cardamon


    Cardamon is a kitchen staple that is often used for cooking and baking. This warming spice is great for curries, stews, gingerbreads and breads.



    Ingredients: Oat flakes (56%), sugar, vegetable oil (non-hydrogenated), wheat flour, wheat flakes (7%), glucose-fructose syrup, oat flour (2%), barley malt extract, salt, flavour.

    Organic Deluxe Muesli 1kg


    All Organic Ingredients: Oat Flakes, Barley Flakes, Wheat Flakes, Toasted Wheat Flakes (wheat, Malt), Flaked Almonds, Raisins (Raisins, Sunflower Oil), Sultanas (Sultanas, Sunflower Oil), Currants, Hazelnuts, Coconut, Apricots (Apricots, Rice...

    Iswari Organic Cacao Butter 125gm


    Israeli kako butter akaro butter naturally sugar free low in sodium and salt, high in vitamin E contributes to the protection of to the protection of cells from oxidative stress....

    Organic Mung Beans


    Instructions:Rince and simmer in 3 parts water to 1 part beans for approx 45 minutes. May contain stones or foreign matter. Please store in a cool, dry place away from...

    Organic Short Grain Brown Rice


    Instructions:Rince and simmer in 2 parts water to 1 part rice for approx 30 to 40 minutes. Remove from heat and allow to steam for 10 minutes with the lid...

    Organic Black Sesame Seeds


    Contains Sesame. May contain foreign matter. Please store in a cool, dry place away from direct light sources.Nutrition values per 100gEnergy 573kcal / 2399kJFat 49.67g  of which saturates 6.96gCarbohydrate 11.65g ...

    Spice Pots - Vegan Curry Spice Kit


    Whether you are looking for a vegan birthday present or if you are simply looking to eat more vegan meals yourself, this 100% natural spice kit will tick all the...

    Mild Curry Powder


    Lots of lovely herbs and spices in this curry blend. Coriander, Mustard, Turmeric, Fenugreek, (a little bit of salt), Chilli, Cumin, Cloves, Cassia, Ginger AND Allspice. If thats not enough, may contain...

    Organic Coconut Flour


    Coconut flour is a soft flour made from dried coconut meat. When coconut milk is squeezed from coconut meat, this meat is then dried at a low temperature and ground...

    Tapioca Flour


    Tapioca flour (also known as tapioca starch). It can sometimes be called cassava flour too, Ideal for binding other gluten-free flours. Can be used as a thickener for soups and...

    Doves Farm Quick Yeast 125gm


    This quick yeast is suitable for hand baking and machine recipes the require quick, fast, instant or easy yeast. Ingredients  Yeast, emulsifier (sorbitol monostearate)

    Sonnentor Organic Blue Poppy Seed 200g


    Typical Waldviertel! Blue poppy, the little brother of grey poppy, is ideal for sprinkling on bread, rolls, pastries and for use in baking. Poppy seeds are a rich blue colour...

    Sonnentor Organic Whole Star Anise 25g


    Get the stars from the sky - and into the saucepan! The beautifully shaped spice catapults each amateur cook to a star kitchen. The star member of Chinese cuisine enjoys...

    Sonnentor Organic Sage 10g


    In the Middle Ages, people asked themselves, "How can a man die in whose garden there grows sage?" Romans called it the "herb of immortality". In our kitchens sage makes...

    Sonnentor Organic Rosemary 25g


    Go for it! A commitment for life. Rosemary is a symbol for love and loyalty and is traditionally found in a bridal bouquet. Today, rosemary brings Amore to our favourite...

    Sonnentor Organic Ground Sweet Paprika 40g


    László, Janos and Piroska love it! The mental leap to Hungary is obvious, as the country’s popularity can be credited to goulash. But the rest of the world also gets...

    Sonnentor Organic Ground Hot Paprika


    As a rule of thumb, the more intense the red colour, the milder the paprika. In the case of the spicy variety, it’s mostly our taste buds that see red....

    Sonnentor Organic Whole Black Pepper 35g


    Worth its weight in gold? In the Middle Ages pepper was considered a common currency. Luckily, the spicy pleasure is no longer pricy as we generously grind it over salads,...

    Sonnentor Organic Pizza and Pasta Seasoning 25g


    Need a break from pizza deliveries? This mixture will turn you into an expert pizza maker. Also ideal for seasoning Italian classics such as pasta, bruschetta and minestrone.

    Sonnentor Organic Oregano 18g


    You like pizza? Then you love oregano! It can also be used in pesto, spreads, pasta dishes and on tomatoes. Holiday memories of Bella Italia! Although related to marjoram, the...

    Sonnentor Organic Whole Nutmeg 25g


    Not a nut and not for cracking. The name is misleading because nutmeg is actually the seed core of peach-like tropical fruits. Therefore, it is not cracked but grated –...

    Sonnentor Organic Cut Lemongrass 25g


    The grass is much more citrusy on the other side of the world. But there is no reason to be envious. We bring lemongrass from Asia to our cooking pots....

    Sonnentor Organic Garam Masala Spice Blend 35g


    Your saucepans will line up for this mixture. Indian dishes with lentils, chickpeas and vegetables swear by this hot spice. The fine aromas best develop best if added near the...

    Sonnentor Organic Ground Ginger 35g


    Impressive family tree! This great tuber belongs to the ginger family together with galangal and turmeric. Hotness runs in the family. It’s also not surprising that ginger makes it big...

    Sonnentor Organic Fennel Seeds 40g


    Upset tummy, goodbye! Many will be familiar with fennel from their childhood when fennel tea soothed upset tummies. But the spice should not be reduced to its digestive effect. The...

    Sonnentor Organic Ground Fenugreek 35g


    Keep calm and curry on! Fenugreek is particularly popular with Indian cuisine. From the Taj Mahal to Bombay, it spices up Chapatis and Naans and is part of various curry...

    Sonnentor Organic Spicy Curry Powder 50g


    Curry is the name for a wide variety of spice blends in Asian cuisine. The degrees of spiciness are as varied as the ingredients. This fiery mixture of turmeric, garlic...

    Sonnentor Organic Ground Caraway 60g


    The aromatic favourite of Austrian cuisine is the special ingredient in pork roast with sauerkraut. Goulash, traditional sour cream soups and potato dishes are quite ecstatic about the seed. By...

    Sonnentor Organic Caraway Seeds 60g


    Caraway adds a soothing element to hearty classics of Austrian and German cuisine. It likes breads and roasts and enjoys mingling with potatoes, soups, cabbage and spreads. By the way,...

    Sonnentor Organic Celyon Cinnamon Sticks 18g


    The stuff that 1001 fairy tales are made of. Contrary to Arab legend, the spice doesn’t grow in cinnamon lakes, but is obtained from the bark of trees. Goes well...

    Sonnentor Organic Whole Cloves 35g


    Their Austrian nickname “Nails” hits the nail on the head. The dried flower buds really remind of their metallic twins. Cloves are used in punch, syrups, roast and compote and...

    Sonnentor Organic Whole Cardamom 30g


    Cardamom is worshiped as the queen of spices in India. The green capsules are elaborately harvested by hand, which makes them particularly valuable. Ka-Ching! Indians season curry and tea and...

    Sonnentor Basil 15g


    Bella Italia? Solo con basil! What would Italian cuisine be without this herbal classic? Pizza, pasta, risotto or tomatoes with mozzarella - basil brings a Mediterranean touch to your favourite...

    Sonnentor Allspice 35g


    Allspice the allrounder. Allspice tastes of cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg and pepper. Versatile alright! Allspice goes with Oriental and Caribbean cuisine as well as hearty home cooking. A true allrounder!

    Biona Organic Spelt White Penne Pasta 500g


    Biona Organic White Spelt Penne is sourced from one of the oldest cultivated grains, and an ancient cousin of wheat; spelt. Spelt is high in fibre, has a higher content...

    Provamel Organic Unsweetened Soya Milk 1L


    Organic soya beans, grown in the EU and blended with water. Oh, and no sugar. That’s it. That’s all we have to say on the matter. Ingredients: water, hulled soya beans...

    Biona Organic Spelt Penne Wholegrain Pasta 500g


    Spelt is an ancient grain cultivated thousands of years ago and only recently rediscovered. Biona Organic Wholegrain Spelt Penne Pasta retains all the goodness of this ancient grain. Its smooth...

    Clearspring Organic Japanese Yaemon Tamari Soya Sauce Double Strength 150ml


    Clearspring Organic Tamari is a double-strength, gluten free soya sauce made using organic whole soya beans and uses twice as many beans for each bottle as ordinary soya sauces. This...

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