Sleep Problems

Some ideas on overcoming sleep problems?

Having problems sleeping? Night after night lying awake? Here are a few tips for a restful sleep.

Make sure you have full darkness. Digital clock lights, phone lights and street lights can all effect the melatonin levels in the brain. This can cause broken sleep.

Be consistant. I'm not great at this myself – but going to sleep the same time every night gets your body used to winding down and relaxing.

Don't stay in bed if you are wide awake. Get up, into a different room and read a book until you are tired again. That way your mind will associate the bedroom with sleeping.

Look at stress factors in your life. Start with – can't sleep! Write as many down as you can think of. You'll be surprised when you write your worries down how they can leave your mind.

Are you exercising during the day? Yoga, work out in the gym, running or football. This is one of the best ways to tire yourself out.

Try a natural sleep remedy. Have you heard of L-Theniene, or Milissa Dream or Valerian Hops? They are all natural remedies that may help with getting back into the sleeping cycle.